1. Hunnijn

    [Glitch/Bug] Dis-effection on Leaf skill passive effect

    Here, a photo of this glitch/bug 🤯 So this glitch/bug can be found as shaman, on survivor room (credits to Valura) The combo was Leaf skill ' + Roll mouse skill then Small mouse skill = it wil dis-effect Leaf passive effect like shorter jump etc Also thanks to Valura for finding this bug 👋 So...
  2. Teelaa

    Problems with the color after a start

    i started today for to buy some any hats, neck, ears etc so i had to buy customize from Lucky scarf and until i saw the white ones ( #E3DCCE ) turned to #00000 and it's back to normal and stripper hat secendary color after i bought customize E3DCCE turned to same color #00000 again, and still...
  3. Drakomon

    Not a Bug bug

    <<<-----bug zwiazany z item witajcie , ten obrazek co widzicie u góry to bug zwiazany z itemem ktory mial sluzyc jako napis ? jako jedyny działa na village ,nigdzie nie reaguje oprocz na klikniecie na cyfre ilosci posiadanego itemu PLZ FIX DIS
  4. Hunnijn

    Longest title bug on my profile

    So i have noticed an longer title went on my pic profile but it might be a rare glitch as well. here's shown glitch also it found out this one
  5. Melomanie


    I was playing at Miceforce, (Room 1, 23:31 hrs, GTM -5) and strange things happened, "something invisible" pushed us and covered the hole or put items of shaman in levels where there was no shaman. Maybe is a joke or stuff, but i don't know. I took screenshot of some examples: More things...
  6. Oingo

    Village bug

    So when i enter to other mice village i dont appear and it's really rare... When i make a village and invite my friends they dont appear i dont know why...
  7. Bluhipsteraj

    Custom maps aren't working!!

    I was just about to make a chroma green screen map to reccord a green screen for one of my friends, but when I try to save or validate the map this is what happens instead... I GET A MAP I NEVER MADE!! PLEASE FIX THIS, I CAN'T DO EDITS IF IT REMAINS THIS WAY!!
  8. Ashueens

    have a maintenance ?

    I can't get into the game help me
  9. Sskyes

    Help me!

    There's a glitch/bug I dont know what it is, All i know it's really aynnoying.(Sorry for my bad grammar im Russian) So i see Mice not Wearing their oufits all i see is like Noob mice looking people? I refrshed alot of times, It's been 5 days since this is still going. I got on the settings i...
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