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  1. Kyuine

    what is the most embarrassing thing you've ever worn to school or any public event?

    the most embarrassing thing i've worn to school was a big poofy dress in 5th grade. we were going on a class trip to a fancy performance, and i thought we were going right in the morning so i decided to wear a dress which i hate doing anyway. turns out the trip was at the end of the day
  2. Kyuine

    do you have any health conditions that not many people you know have?

    just as the title says; basically, feel free to list any health conditions you may have that not many people you know can relate to or have. could be mental or physical. ex : adhd. if you don't feel comfortable sharing, that's totally ok, i understand! mine are : anxiety, ocd, adhd, anxiety and...
  3. Kyuine

    Avatar -> Username

    -------------------------------------☂------------------------------------- Welcome to the Avatar -> Username game! -☒- RULES ⇥ Look at the player above you's avatar ⇥ Make a new username for said person based on their avatar ⇥ Remember; the username must meet forum guidelines -☒- EXAMPLE(S)...
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