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  1. Miamu

    If you could go to any planet, which would you go to and why?

    Pluto. I think it's left out and I feel bad for it
  2. Miamu

    What's the funniest name you've heard of someone having?

    Could be a nickname or their actual name Remember to keep it PG-13 There was a kid I knew named Sock, that was his legal name
  3. Miamu

    What celebrity / band has the worst fanbase?

    Loona and most kpop bands
  4. Miamu

    What will finally break the internet?

    For me it would be if Tiktok or some other big app got banned from the US
  5. Miamu

    Discusión ¿Tienes un peluche que significa mucho para ti?

    Si es así, ¿qué animal es y por qué significa tanto? Tengo un elefante que me regaló mi novio
  6. Miamu

    Discusión ¿Qué mentira te dijeron tus padres cuando eras niño?

    ¿Te dijeron que el Boogiman te comería, que el Santa Claus te estaba mirando, o algo más?
  7. Miamu

    If you could get rid of any holiday, which would it be and why?

    I would get rid of Black Friday, it´s annoying to workers and people just trying to buy things for their families.
  8. Miamu

    Trivialidad ¿Cuál consola de juegos prefieres? 🎮

    ¿Prefieres la Xbox series x, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, etc? A mí me gusta la xbox one.
  9. Miamu

    Senior Quotes

    If you've graduated, or are graduating in the future, what will your senior quote be? (or what do you want it to be if it isn't school appropriate?)
  10. Miamu

    What is something you never used to do before quarantine but you do now?

    I never used to clean groceries before putting them away unless they were fruit.
  11. Miamu

    Discusión ¿Cuál fue tu sueño más reciente?

    Cuéntame tu sueño más reciente en este hilo
  12. Miamu

    ¿Qué modo juegas más en el Miceforce?

    Racing, Defilante, Vanilla, usas el café.... dime aquí A mí me gusta jugar el Defilante
  13. Miamu

    [Juego] ¡Malos Hábitos!

    Crear un mal hábito. Podría ser completamente de tu imaginación. El usuario de abajo tiene que confesar si es uno de sus malos hábitos o no. El jugador 2 creará un mal hábito y el juego continuará. Voy a empezar el juego ~ Masticar con la boca abierta
  14. Miamu

    Official [Guide] Map Editor

    Calling all map makers! Are you having a bit of trouble with our map editor, or just looking for new tips? You've come to the right place! Before making your map and submitting it, please remember: - Stolen maps are strictly forbidden. Be creative and make your own; that's exactly what this...
  15. Miamu

    If you could have any title in the game, what would it be?

    The title can either be pre-existing, or it can be a customized one! Mine would be «soft» ♥ ♥ Remember, all forum rules still apply. This includes but is not limited to: -Double posting -Off-topic messages -Messages with no discussion value
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