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  1. Teelaa

    [Glitch/bug] Oh.. porably not this rare bug..

    this seems to be as error or smth As for some reason i was sham in prev round so i died and got revived so skills are bugged out tough, then it ends and goes to the next round. Until i saw transformation mode has disappeared after this round! Even, it's supposed to be a glitch or otherwise, it...
  2. Teelaa

    Problems with the color after a start

    i started today for to buy some any hats, neck, ears etc so i had to buy customize from Lucky scarf and until i saw the white ones ( #E3DCCE ) turned to #00000 and it's back to normal and stripper hat secendary color after i bought customize E3DCCE turned to same color #00000 again, and still...
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