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  1. +dai

    Rate the about above

    10/10 I think it's really uplifting and sweet (:
  2. +dai

    yooo bro are u ok?

    yooo bro are u ok?
  3. +dai

    Do you like happy or sad stories?

    sad stories. they're more interesting and catch your attention more since we can often relate more to sadness than happiness
  4. +dai

    What are you listening to right now?

    xxxtentacion floor555
  5. +dai

    do you like kpop? if so, who's your ult group and bias?

    i dont like kpop but i cant lie.... lisa from blackpink :love:
  6. +dai

    wassup jay😼😼

    wassup jay😼😼
  7. +dai


  8. +dai

    hi babi <3

    hi babi <3
  9. +dai

    Rate The Signature Above You

    2/10 dont rlly like kpop
  10. +dai

    sry i do not speak illiterate

    sry i do not speak illiterate
  11. +dai

    please stop this madness

    please stop this madness
  12. +dai

    Last thing you ate???

  13. +dai

    Spell the Username Above You with Your Eyes Closed

  14. +dai

    What is your other favorite games?

    cod fortnite among us gta borderlands 3 gears of war apex legends
  15. +dai

    Who is your favorite music artist

    x, nle, polo g, pop smoke, sws, lil tracy, city morgue, nascar aloe, $b, cooliecut, scarlxrd
  16. +dai

    Saddest thing that's ever happend to you?

    when I dropped my in n out drink and had no more money left to get a new one
  17. +dai

    What is the Person below....

    yea actually the person below plays xbox
  18. +dai

    What is the Person below....

    no the person below has a fear of heights
  19. +dai


  20. +dai

    Do a Face Reveal!

    my hair is red now 💕
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