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  1. Exploding


    can someone play minecraft with me please my minecraft friend just moved away
  2. Exploding

    Write a letter to...

    Think about the person you liked/had a crush on early in life. What would you say to them now?
  3. Exploding

    McDonalds or Burger King

    McDonalds or Burger King
  4. Exploding

    Warrior Cats

    Ok, so I am writing my own series because I think most people do that :/ The clan names are: BlackClan, StormClan, LightningClan, and WaterClan. Please, I am having some trouble figuring out names for warriors and Leaders so I kinda need some help ;-; Please don't do anything weird like FoxTail...
  5. Exploding

    A small problem

    Hello, I was just wondering if anybody could fix this: When I open the Miceforce Tab, and open another Tab, Such as YT or Mforum, As I go back to the Miceforce Tab, It has not loaded. It still needs to load as I come back. I would like somebody fix that because sometimes I like to play music...
  6. Exploding

    Does anyone know this?

    Ok so this video has a drawing app/software and I would like to know what it is! Could anyone tell me? Edit: You can skip to 7:10 and pause. This gives you the best view to look at it
  7. Exploding

    Mr. someone

    I got a random title: Mr. someone I didn't get a thing saying: Exploding got Mr. someone as a title Did anyone else get Mr. someone? It might be Ms. someone... but I have my gender as a girl... But I'm fine with Mr. someone. It actually like it. Just wondering.
  8. Exploding

    Bird, Birb, Borb, and Orb

    search it up
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