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  1. Zorua111

    flag emote bug

    when i tried some flags like canada, great britain, america, france, etc. the flags doesnt show up.
  2. Zorua111

    Invisible map bug

    Hello, i just went to my tribe and i placed some random maps. when i put +Wanheda's maps, the maps are invisible. like @3 map.
  3. Zorua111

    Log in bug

    Today i wanted to play the game Miceforce, and now how it looks like:
  4. Zorua111

    I cant get the title from the Event.

    There is a problem that i cannot i get a title from Valentines Day event 2019. So i opened the inventory and i Have all C Relics. Then i didnt get the title. I dont know that title name.
  5. Zorua111


    Cum să pun imagine la Signature? Că nu pot.
  6. Zorua111

    Cafe QWQ

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