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  1. Kanematsu

    Multiple Soulmates

    Some people have as their soulmate a bestfriend. Some people may have two spouses and everyone is ok with it. I think we should add this because it brings something new to the game, each update is a new feature from Transformice, right? Why can't we add things that are not implemented in...
  2. Kanematsu


    Bună. Acest thread folosește la a te introduce comunității. Exemplu: Nume: Star Sapphire Facet-13 Cut 9XA Porecle: Skitt, Axel, Chao Vârstă: 11 Descriere: sunt nașpa Troll-ul nu este binevenit. Dacă doriți, puteți da alte detalii despre voi sau să nu dați anumite detalii, dacă vă este rușine de...
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