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  1. Ukemochi

    Share your words of wisdom with us, uneducated lot

    I think the title explains everything, if you got any wise words to share with this community you can do it here. It can be in any format too: quote, screenshot, self-written etc. Just don't be inappopriate, please. Anyway here's words of wisdom from yours truly:
  2. Ukemochi

    Rate the cover photo of the user above

    A pretty self explainatory title, I think... There are already threads about rating the username, pfp, signature or even the about so why not have a thread rating the covers. If there is already a thread like this, then frick me lol
  3. Ukemochi

    Favorite Mobile Game?

    I think the title is self-explanitory, I would like to know what's your favorite mobile game is? Mine is 'Jojo's Pitter-Patter Pop', a simple puzzle moblie game that is Jojo themed. I like it because it has a cute artstyle, its about my favorite anime and its a simple but fun and enjoyable...
  4. Ukemochi

    Port mafia♙/ポートマフィア♔/ - Looking For New Members!!!

    Port mafia♙/ポートマフィア♔/ is new tribe, created for the sole purpose of bringing all otakus together!! We are looking for the members from all the servers! The only requiements are that you will follow these rules: -Be nice to eachother! -Fights and drama are forbidden! -We do not accept hakers...
  5. Ukemochi

    What's your favorite type of hat?

    Do you like wearing hats? If yes, what's your favorite type of hat? I personally adore bowler hats and top hats, as well as pillboxes and fascinators! I also wouldn't mind wearing some straw and floppy hats (I actually own one floppy straw hat), bucket hats and berets are cool too! I just...
  6. Ukemochi

    Your Best/Favorite MiceForce Look

    I hope there hasn't been a thread like that already lol. Send a photo of what you think is your best look on MiceForce! You can only send one, so choose wisely! Anyway here's my best/favorite look~
  7. Ukemochi

    What anime character can you relate to?

    Idk if there has been a thread like this already... But yeah, do you have that anime character that you can relate to? Be it in personality, likes/dislikes, personal experiences, anything really! Well I personally can relate to Pannacotta Fugo from JJBA: Vento Aureo. I can relate to him because...
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