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  1. Ouchi

    How have you coped with staying inside with the corona going on?

    I have mainly been watching tiktok/youtube not only that I've a new computer now, so I have been watching youtube/playing games.
  2. Ouchi

    Avie's Mouse Drawing Thread #2 🤩

    Hello peeps! I am back with another Art thread! I did do one in the past but I left it behind, due to the fact I felt pressured, my computer was in a bad condition and I didn't like my art style. But I've decided do do another one! (If I did not draw your mouse that one time I am terribly...
  3. Ouchi

    Paid for 3 fikicoin but I haven't got it on my account.

    So I paid for 3 fikicoins but they still haven't been added to my account and its been 3 hours almost 4!
  4. Ouchi

    Avie's Rat Drawing Thread [Closed]

    Hello Welcome To My Drawing Thread! (Quick reminder: i'll only be drawing rats) !!Things you should know before asking!! -I'll only do 18- stuff no 18+ like sexual or gore things...
  5. Ouchi

    My tribe .+*Rats*+.

    umm i dont i think want to do this any more :I
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