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  • "Faded in, faded out
    The feeling's gone, it's like we're enemies
    Checking in, checking out
    We're strangers now but I don't believe that
    Love was made to break
    No I don't believe that love was made to break

    We rise and fall with our misery
    I built the wall, I built the wall
    A siren's call that brought you here to me
    We lost control, we lost control

    So when this comes crashing
    And we are losing chances
    Won't see it in our eyes
    Til it's too late to fix this

    Pick up the pieces before we let this go"
    "You're broken, so am I
    Outspoken, so am I
    You're beaten, so am I
    You're hurting, so will I
    You're angered, so am I
    A thousand fires burn
    You're aching, so will I
    You're frightened, so am I
    A world of demons wait
    Watching our movements and filling my heart with hate
    You're burning, so will I
    When I awake to discover how I've been ravaged by your
    Dishonored by your world
    Your world
    I'm haunted by your world"
    "Now if I am to survive
    The infection must die
    Murder the beast
    That’s been eating me alive
    The infection must die
    This is where I draw the line
    This infection must die
    Give me release from this demon of mine
    The infection must die
    The infection must die"
    "Picture perfect down the drain again and again
    I'm really tired of these
    Stupid little people knocking you to the ground
    You would've never found
    The mess you made
    I hope it's worth all of the shame

    This is what it takes to breathe
    (We're getting up again)
    This is what it takes to fake a smile and say
    That everything's okay
    As long as I take blame

    I guess I'm the one to blame"
    "I saw you standing in the middle
    Of the thunder and lightning
    I know you're feeling like
    You just can't win, but you're trying
    It's hard to keep on keeping on
    When you're being pushed around
    Don't even know which way is up
    You just keep spinning down, 'round down

    Every storm runs, runs out of rain
    Just like every dark night turns into day
    Every heartache will fade away
    Just like every storm runs, runs out of rain

    So hold your head up and tell yourself
    That there's something more
    Walk out that door, go find a new rose
    Don't be afraid of the thorns
    'Cause we all have thorns
    Just put your feet up to the edge
    Put your face in the wind
    And when you fall back down
    Keep on remembering

    It's gonna run out of pain
    It's gonna run out of sting
    It's gonna leave you alone
    It's gonna set you free, set you free"

    Do you remember?
    "You are not forgotten
    You are not alone
    You think you're worthless but you're worth it
    And he calls you his own
    Made in his image
    You were made for more
    You think there is no plan that it's all by chance
    But don't believe that anymore

    Every time that you wake up breathing
    Every night when you close your eyes
    Every day that your heart keeps beating
    There's purpose for your life
    So don't give up
    Don't lay down
    Just hold on
    Don't quite now
    Every breath that you take has meaning
    You are
    Here for a reason"
    hey, you're amazing!
    stay safe & take care! 💖
    Reactions: Silverookami
    Thank you! You're an outstanding person who deserves all the happiness in the world! Take care, stay safe and strong, you can get through it all :D💕
    I have read a little of what you write in "write a letter you cant send" and it seems very beautiful :)♥
    Reactions: Silverookami
    Thank you :), I read what you wrote too, even though we just met, if you need anything I'll be happy to help in any way I can, hang in there, it'll be okay I promise ❤🙂
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    "For saving me from all they've taken
    Letting my armor fall again
    Giving me the strength to face them
    Feeling it taking over now
    On a path to take it all away
    There can be no better way of knowing

    In a world beyond controlling
    Are you going to deny the savior
    In front of your eyes
    Stare into the night
    Power beyond containing
    Are you going to remain a slave for
    The rest of your life
    Give in to the night"
    "You gotta get back up from the wreckage above and walk right through the fire.
    No matter what happens, the fact is that the flames keep getting higher.
    You gotta keep it going, keep tiptoeing through the fire and the flames and the pain of knowing.
    That the world is dark, gotta keep on going, gotta give that spark, gotta keep on glowing."
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