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  • I miss her. Someone I loved a lot, someone I've only last seen in March.
    She was probably the best person I've ever met online and super sweet and unlike many very understanding for me.
    I was very happy to be able to call her my best friend that time.
    I wonder what happened to her. Hopefully it'll be alright for her and I won't forget her.
    Since my about no longer has any info on me, i'll just post it here.

    Name: Rindou/Mireli ( old username )
    Nicknames: Rin, Mir, Mirin
    Gender: --
    Age: -66666666
    Community/Position: EN Sentinel since 9/11/17
    Interests: Anime, manga, animation, digital art, music
    Idol: Jane Zhang
    Personality: INFP-T. Fairly antisocial and likes to bottle up emotions.
    What I want to be when I grow up: something to do with art or music. (ex: singer, digital artist, animator, etc.)
    Ah, whatever.
    I don't worry 'bout nothing, just dust it off
    You can't find your girlfriend
    Your boyfriend left you
    But the party's still going on
    Everybody here is saying "Dust your shoulders off"
    See him kissing in the kitchen by the bathroom
    But you don't let it phase you
    Go and hit the bar up, go and key his car up
    And tell him that it's karma

    Can't keep me down, me down
    (It's only temporary)
    Can't make me frown, me frown
    (So I ain't even worried)
    [ 1 / 1 6 ] Finished second request for Kiwis. Last one to finish is for @ Naki, and then I might consider opening requests.
    Profile picture is from Violet Evergarden ( ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン ).
    Urgh, I've been feeling so weird recently I mess up everything I do.
    I feel like i'm not really up to it right now, and really feel like i've been spacing out too much.
    Please don't pm me.
    I don't feel emotionally well or concentrated.
    and don't respond to this, you'll never get a response.
    Don't comment on this post or I'll ignore you.

    Cause I'm always so happy, so fucking silly and immature?
    Ah yeah, that seems to be much easier to pull off and hide my true emotions then have a moderate emotion.
    Seriously, you say that but you don't even know me that well, know my true inner thoughts.
    I was never fucking happy anyways, never that childish.
    Just always sad on the inside, feeling left out.
    Maybe I should act like that to you when I see you at school again?
    Please, just get out.
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