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  • Szóval remélem megértesz nem akartam ezt nem is tudtam szóval Bocsi de ha tudnál unbannolni azt nagyon megköszönném csinálnék akkor egy normális profilt rendes névvel ja és még annyi hogy a haveromat hogyan unbannolták?
    Figyu nem tudnál unbannolni miceforceon mert haveromnak is rossz szó volt a nevében és őt unbannolták légyszíves soha többet nem fogom átírni csúnyára a nevemet csak ennyit kérek had tudjak játszani a barátaimmal. Én nemtudtam hogy mik a szabályok csak feljöttem és játszottam nem gondoltam hogy ezért bannt lehet kapni! előre is kösz.
    Before anyone asks, why did I retire, let me give some informations to you.
    @Avenue was my everything, including my job on MF, things outside MF.
    When I lost her due to my decision, I lost everything. It's happened weeks ago. And I'm still broken. I still can't be happy without her.
    Why did I quit MiceForce, why I decided to retire?
    This is the reason. Why I'm not a Staff member anymore.
    I can't do anything, and I lost my everything. Wherever she's... I still love her.

    Proest out.
    Hi, fararood wont change my birthday when he asked if I wanted it changed and I said yes and after like 123456789 years I see no difference so um can you change it to November 27, 2006?
    yOu aRe eViL!!
    wHy yOu rEmOvE aLl rOleS fOr hU sTafF ?
    aNd aVeNuE sAiD yOu'rE oNly An AdMiN!!
    what i--
    not for you

    While you know nothing, please don't tell anything to others. HU is my community, and it's my job to handle it. Every decision I made has a good reason. I don't care what Avenue, or any of them says. I really don't. If they are lying, and I get to know that due to a message like this, they will be permanently banned, and we'll see how it looks like when I'm being an evil.

    Have a mice day.
    My Date of birth is wrong, it was meant to be 2001, not 2003, could you please fix it for me?
    Excuse me, im sorry for bothering you but. I think I have been BANNED for: VPN/Proxy USAGE IS FORBIDDEN.

    The problem is that I do not know what that even means or what that is, plus I have been logged off for some time, so im pretty confused and want to know what this is. I will be contacting multiple Admins so I can get an answer quickly... I hope we can figure this out! I just hope I was not hacked.
    Have a nice day.
    Hello Seller!

    "BANNED for: VPN/Proxy" -> We don't allow VPN providers/proxy IPs play the game. If you're playing from mobile maybe it's because of the browser.
    If you're playing on PC, be sure you are not connected to a VPN/Proxy. If the problem not being solved, contact me in a private message! o/

    Have a mice day!
    Wtf What Mod Banning Hico?
    well had a ramp and everyone went in it without going climbing and I climbed and I was ban I am recording this imcatching moderation!
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