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  • Haven’ posted any art on here for a lon’ time
    nobody will see it, for sure, but It’s worth a try
    nobody even likes my art anyway,,,
    my new persona, Seiji Matsuo
    I l o v e him with my whole heart
    and,,,, for the drawin’ itself - I think I’m pretty proud of it
    which happens rarely-
    anyways, I hope ya like it, or somethin’-
    migh’ post some of my other older art here later,,, someday when I’ll have time
    also, a reminder or whatever - i’ve changed my artistic name from my nickname to RatHouse - Idk, I’m tellin’ this in case someone would try to accuse me of stealin’ it or somethin’,,,,,
    I’m bored-
    anyone has a suggestion of a character I could draw?
    I will draw anythin’ a’ this point lol
    draw the mouse from the miceforce loading screen? or a divine mode shaman
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    This one migh’ be difficult, but I’ll try-
    thanks for the suggestion
    happy birthday to my man, Shimura

    *cough* Yes, I know he’s not real, but it won’ stop me from celebratin’ his birthday anyway-
    I’m cryin’,,,,
    He looks like he’s playin’ the guitar or somethin’ baghshahs
    and that smile- bgshshsh
    where did you get that from lmaaao
    From an anime called Death Note (I recommend it, it’s very good-)
    I was takin’ screenshots of him one day and then I paused at this exact moment bgshsh
    new art, i guess,,?,,,
    Well- i don’t know if i should call it New-
    but anyway
    did a redraw of one of my older drawings, bc,,,, why not-,,
    The first one is from 22 November 2019 and the second one is from 29 May 2021

    not really the full image, cuz i had to take a screenshot from Instagram and then crop it-,,,
    you can tell me if i improved or not, if you want sjjsjdjsjks
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