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  • My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows
    That's how this refrain goes
    Come on, join in, everybody
    Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows
    Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way
    When you're in love to stay
    Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows
    Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together
    Brighter than a lucky penny
    When you're near the rain just disappears
    but I like the rain :c
    yeah okay.. soo my friend irl right? well I try to talk to him about my problems and yet he ignores me because I always "act" depressed, if it wasn't for one person then I would just straight up stab myself in the throat but he hasn't given up on me yet, ik if this one guy won't stop saying shit about my butt he is going to be missing his eyes but ya know.. I like the guy I'm with on here, and honestly he might be the only reason I'm really here..
    Yuni you mean everything to me, and I am grateful for that..
    who loves getting yelled at every 5 seconds? because I sure do, I get told to do something so I do it, I did something wrong, folding a towel, how can you fold something wrong, then you get pushed in the floor and she does it herself, why the hell am I still in this hell hole? idk, yesterday I tried to poison myself but as you see it didn't work, my mom could have raised me like normal parents are supposed to do, I'm stuck with a crazy old lady that yells at me for everything and I obey like some dog, 2-3 more years of this and I'm out, if I live till then, lets see hanging doesn't work, cutting doesn't work, poison don't work, well idk what will work, no guns so that's out, so what else can I do? well idk I'm out of ideas bad enough people used to bet to see if I would or not, I tried and tried but nothing ever happened like wth kind of world are we in? save me please..
    Me again.. well I get to know people then the just.. die..
    Uncle Eddy
    Uncle Vincent
    and Uncle Mikey's mom
    now James..
    I cause people trouble, been by myself lately with everyone busy and all and I ask myself "why am I so quiet?"
    in 3rd grade someone told me no one would ever love me, and for a long while I thought that
    but then I met one person that likes me for who I am, he is the person that gives a shit about me
    and if it isn't good enough for anyone else well then they can kiss my ass because I found the one person that changed my life,
    and he I the most amazing person I have ever met, there isn't another like him in the world, I'm happy to have him around,
    he is always there when I need him, he always has time for me I will try all of the time to talk to him, even if I get in trouble,
    but anyways this person is Yuni that plays on the account Lordmango @Lordmango
    Am I still not good enough?
    Am I still not worth that much?
    I'm sorry for the way my life turned out.
    I'm sorry for the smile I'm wearing now.
    Guess I'm still not good enough.
    Release your curse, cause I know my worth.
    These wounds you made are gone you ain't seen nothing yet.
    Your love wore thin, and I never win.
    You want the best so sorry that's clearly not me.
    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Me: because it was to chicken
    The theory I assume is because it is to chicken to get hit by a car, so it crossed the road to keep from getting hit, so people say chicken because its scared to get hit
    ok so my friend irl Eric gave me some advice about guys and every time I try to speak from my heart my mind ends up screwing it up, honestly I don't think he know what he is talking about, but he has had more then one girl so I'm not sure what I'm doing anymore, some people aren't meant for love but I have to admit I do feel lonely sometimes for all of the years putting up with being kicked in the stomach.. heh he was pretty mad when I never told him about getting bullied, he is more like a brother then anything else, he is the only person I really trust.. even more then my grandma.. but even those things I don't tell him, I'm just happy to know the person I haven't talked to in 3 years still has my back through everything even after everything that ha happened
    I'm gonna break down soon,
    in the same old room,
    that I always do,
    I feel so alone,
    make some beats and smoke,
    pray I make it soon,
    pray they buy my shit cause I'm so damn broke,
    I'm so damn cold,
    I might freeze to death,
    rollin up some dope, smoking trees for stress,
    fuck the life I had I don't want it back,
    fuck the friends I had they just made me sad,
    now its me and her bout to fuck the world,
    we don't need no help we came up from dirt,
    I still hate myself that's the side of me,
    wanna kill myself ive tried I'm so damn weak,
    mom would drive me in every time I did,
    I would ask to leave but they game me pills,
    put that shit on repeat every other week,
    they would numb me down until I couldn't speak
    lay me down,
    I don't wanna die,
    I can't sleep alone,
    need u here tonight,
    you were everything,
    you were my god damn life,
    now its all fucked up,
    and I won't sleep tonight,
    I was snorting pills,
    you were up all night,
    I swear I couldn't feel,
    I was so damn high,
    liquor in my blood,
    you were all I want,
    I gave you everything,
    I feel so unloved,
    you finally got exactly what you want,
    you were off getting fucked and I was so fucked up,
    fuck the wedding ring fuck this life I lead,
    got me feeling numb doing bumps off keys,
    I don't wanna live,
    tried to kill myself,
    girl i'll numb you too,
    take your life as well,
    I wanna watch you bleed,
    she gets numb for me,
    let's kill ourselves,
    so I can sleep.
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