Write a letter you can't send

hospital ? oh no, probably just gonna be “attention whore”
(time to time on pinterest and forum. if you care)
thanks for being there for me. I promised you, and I’m keeping that promise.
idk why you visited me, you’re 1 out of the 3 reasons why I was in a hospital oop.
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Dear J irl,
I remember when I was growing up I wanted to marry my best friend in the future, and I wish I didn't want to since most of them left. I really miss you still even though it's been years. If you could get a second chance at life I'd never let go again.
Dear custodians,

You told me I could take anything I wanted from the Lost and Found as a souvenir because I’m moving. The Lost and Found sign is now hanging up on my new wall. Hearts <3
I know I shouldn’t be crying because what happened was for my own benefit but I’m going to really miss you and as much as I don’t want you to leave I know you have to. I’m going to miss everything about you and I’m not the best at talking but I wish I could have made you stay.