Write a letter you can't send

Dear everyone in my class,
Year 11 will be over and done with in a few days, what a journey we've been on.
I'm glad to have a break from this stress, but once our summer begins, everything will change..
Dear D, (irl)
You're going to make them lose their friends and any childhood they have left. Do you understand that they are just children? Stop forcing them to grow up. You've pushed me in a direction that has definitely changed me and turned me into the person that I am now, and I don't want to see it happen to them too. Let them be children, you fucking idiot. Do you know what it is like to be a child? You were one once too. Learn to be a good goddamn father. I don't look at you the same anymore, really. You're taking away the thing that M has wanted them to have for so long. An actual childhood. They have friends now, and you're driving them away with your fucking anger issues. Man up. Stop forcing them in the same direction I was forced in. Let them live. M has ranted to me about getting a divorce, and frankly, if you keep doing this shit, then it will happen. M shouldn't even be talking to me about these things, but she literally has nobody else to turn to thanks to you. You're tearing this family apart piece by piece.
x (irl), if you want to blame stuff on me, youre wrong in doing so. this is a result of YOUR actions. all i did was try and reach out to you. but apparently trying to fix things is wrong.
It’s 1 am and I doubt ur gonna answer me on snap, but I think I gotta thing fa you. You’re honestly so cute and such a daddy <3u gotta remember ima playa tho ;)
dear ,