Write a letter you can't send


EN Artist
Dear __,

If you care about someone who doesn't even take time out of their day to simply think of you, what are you doing? One day that person will see that you were everything they ever wanted and that you are now happier without them. You will find someone to spend the rest of your life with and that person will understand what they have missed out on. You do not need to feel such pain like you are nothing because of one simple human being. Someone as sad as them, doesn't deserve someone as great as you. Everyone deserves to be happy, don't waste your time on a person who won't give you anything in return. If you are constantly unhappy because of this one person, stop. Go out and explore new things and people.
idk how you fall in love with someone new every few weeks lol

sorry but you only want your friends to be people from the moderation team or anyone that is a “staff” on this game and it’s pretty embarrassing LOL

also to the other one that wants friends that are also “staff” just because you’re a “staff” yourself lmfao keep your part time job to yourself making 0 bucks an hour fr you’re broke n you don’t even have a permanent contract? bs! 😝