Who is your best friend on Miceforce?

haha.... after some breakups today...
@Marinnie, @Catlyyyyyy, @Silverookami, @Zenowo, @Iivory.
The best. I don't want to upset you.
I don't want to hurt you like I did once.
You're mostly always there to talk to when I'm bored.
I love hanging out with you.
I never regret doing so.
You're here to cheer me up.
You understand me.
I love the lyrics you post.
I relate to them,
and they're easy to sing.
I love singing, and it's always good to practice.
Thanks, even know you never knew it.
Good boy.
You're a really good friend.
Also... I love poking you..
I'll admit that crime.
- poke -
Well, we need to talk more, that's for sure.
I can't believe you're still my friend..
Even though I hurt you once.
I'll say it again:
We need to fucking talk more often.
Do you have a Discord..?
If so, can I friend it?
Been one of my closest friends for years, you're there for me when I need you and help cheer me up, thank you :)

We pretty much just met but you've become one of my best friends, you're nice and deserve all the happiness you can get, i'm glad you like the lyrics and to have you as a friend :) thank you ^^

You have also been one of my closest friends, sure, we've had a few small fights but we have always been there for each other when needed, thank you :)

We have also had our fights, but over time you've become one of my best friends, you've helped me when I needed someone to talk to and be there in general, thank you :)