Username origins?

One of my friends was giving out random username ideas and I was like "why don't we just put random words together and see what we come up with", so we stuck with the word "wolf" but since it didn't really go with anything we decided to translate it which is Okami in japanese, just added an extra "o" because I liked it, so we used that and put it with some more words and it eventually ended up being what it is now
I picked this as a youtuber name and it was also "Thefrance" was my aj user. And also many people put "aj" (short for animal jam) on there youtuber name. It doesn't sound interesting
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i played a different rat game and my username was destined and everyone called me desti
so i just added bae to it because i thought it waS CoOl
it wasn't
i hated it
so i changed it to destructive because im a destructive person?
well i wanted my new username to still have dest in it
so people wouldnt have to adjust to calling me something else
i guess it doesn't matter since almost everyone calls me lilla so
I like names that have "poison" on it, so I just add "poisoned" and something else in every username that I have to create for accounts
'Cause who would poison a cake?? and if you REALLY dig into it, it can be a metaphor
It's a cake, but it's poisoned, but it's still a cake.
Dunno, I like to think about every little detail and would do a whole apresentation about random thoughts
It's just a cake and it's poisoned, that's the fun of it. (I really overthink everything lol)
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