EN's Training Grounds


EN Sentinel & FunCorp
Hey everyone!
Training Grounds has officially been re-opened! But what's new?
TG will now be primarily used to act as support for your social milieu; but at the same time familiarize you with the working environment of an EN Helper.

Training Grounds: https://discord.gg/2GhKW2t
EN Announcements: http://mforum.ist/index.php?threads/news-recent-changes-updates-and-announcements.249/
Staff FAQ: http://mforum.ist/index.php?threads/staff-and-officials-faq.458/

Remember to read absolutely everything included not only in this thread, but on the server.
We didn't make this thread for it not to be used by players who are interested in being a part of our EN Team.
It's very important that you follow our rules and guidelines and understand expectations we have of you.

Please keep in mind that your participation in this trial will NOT guarantee you a spot in the Helper or Staff team.
However, the higher your activity, the greater your chances are for being eligible.

Support is a big thing here.
Support your fellow applicants and be confident in yourself, engage in conversations in #casual and if anyone is having trouble, help them out.
If for any reason someone does make you uncomfortable with their behavior around you, please notify Jughead or a Moderator via DM's.

• TG can in fact be a competitive environment.
When it comes to gathering the most reports, and getting acknowledged by the MiceForce community and Staff team, it's expected for players to want to be noticed.
Remember what makes you unique from the rest of the group and embrace that.

Please refrain from "attacking" anyone here or committing yourself to arguments with other applicants.
You will likely be banned from the Discord server and you will have to apply a few months later.

• If you are accepted into the official team, you'll be required to leave your current tribe to join Spoons
• Age does not matter when applying for the MiceForce EN team, so please do not pointlessly lie to us
• All applicants must be able to take and accept the honest truth when receiving critiques from officials
• All applicants must have their MiceForce username as their name in the server
Keep in mind, the more you communicate and the higher your activity is when it comes to reporting & actively logging into the game, the more beneficial your trial experience will be.

Once you join Training Grounds, you will be greeted with the unconfirmed role.
A helper will tag you in the #welcome chat and greet you with a private message.
In order to continue, you will have to answer the question given by a Helper correctly.
Answer incorrectly and you will be banned from the server and will have to re-apply at the beginning of the next even month.
If confused, even months are the second, fourth, sixth, eighth and so on months. For example, February, April, June, August etc.
Bans will be cleared every even month on the 1st.

Once you finally enter the server, you're officially apart of Training Grounds.
You're there to assist the officials in resolving reports, answer questions, and act as a support system for others while still maintaining your maturity and professionalism.
You'll notice that our server has many channels located on the sidebar which all serve different purposes to keep the server nice and tidy.
It's very important that you know what each channel is used for and what channels you should always check up on for any newly updated information.

#welcome - Here is where your journey begins! Players who join the server will only be able to talk in this channel before being confirmed, in which then they'll have access to all the other channels that are present.

#announcements - The name is self explanatory. Here is where announcements are made about the server and current events occurring.

#info - Here you can find information about the server. You can find our rules and guidelines and some extra details about channels that is important to make note of.

#resources - As the name states, here you can find many resources that are helpful to use during your time in trial.

#sins_list - In Training Grounds, we take maturity and professionalism very seriously, which is what this list is encouraging from the applicants. This channel gives you the list of words/phrases that you are not allowed to say while within the server, which does include the forum and in-game. Breaking these rules will result in a warning from an official and we suggest that you learn from your mistakes when told.

#reminders - This channel is used for any reminders to the applicants as a whole, like a reminder to put your MiceForce user as your name for example. The channel is very important to read up on due to the sufficient amount of information.

#attendance - In this channel, we ask that you leave a note if you're going to not be online for a few days or more. It's so we have you on our records when you're inactive and you have an excuse for it. If you use this channel, the inactivity isn't held against you, on the other hand though, if you mysteriously go offline for a few days, that will be held against you because you never told us about the sudden inactivity. More information can be found in the #info channel.

#casual - Casual is basically the main hub of the chat! Here you're able to communicate with officials and other applicants that are trying out! I assure that everyone in there is super fun and sweet to be around, so don't be shy to come talk with us.

#reports - Reports is where all your reports go from in-game! Any reports from the forum can be private messaged to an EN Sentinel or reported on the forums itself. If you happen to have any trouble with a report, you can ask so in #aid. Note: Whispers and any messages sent in a Tribe Chat or Tribe house are NOT reportable.

#aid - As said above, #aid is used for any confusion around reports. Any other questions about the trial or server should be asked in #casual or you can PM an official.

#truth_cove - This is where applicants will get called out by officials if they made a mistake or did something wrong. Know that it's very important to respect your higher-ups and respond to the message as quick as possible, so they know you saw it and understand what you did wrong. You should be able to handle the criticism well and shouldn't negatively confront or attack the official calling you out for an action you did. More information about the truth_cove can be found in #info.

#lecture_hall - Lecture hall is where all meetings are held in the server that are usually surrounding the officials. It's very important to attend these meetings because you learn a lot of information and if you happen to be busy at that time, be sure to ask an official or even a fellow lemon about what happened in that meeting.

#karaoke - A lot of times our server holds karaoke nights where everyone who would like to sing, can! We hold it in the #karaoke voice chat and we allow applicants and even staff to have their turn at singing in front of everyone. In this channel you can cheer on people singing or plan out the list of volunteers for the voice chat.

#theme_zoo - Every Sunday, Jughead allows the applicants to have some fun with a theme! In this channel, applicants and officials can suggest themes to Jughead that are voted on by everyone in the server with reactions. It's important to not repeat any already existing themes and to be creative. More information can be found in #info.

#art_grotto - In art_grotto, applicants and officials can share any art that they would like to show off to the server. You can also put one of your mouse's outfits in there that might eventually be drawn by an artist. Know that if an artist doesn't ask for criticism, please don't give them any!

The road to becoming a part of the EN team can be a very long journey for some and very short for others.
It all depends on the amount of work, activity, and dedication that you demonstrate whilst inside Training Grounds.
Jughead wants the upmost best officials for the team and knows a hard working and efficient player when he sees one.
But through saying that, never give up on yourself and never tell yourself that it's impossible to join the team.
Yes, it's a complex process, though that shouldn't drive you away from applying. There's always a chance you can make it.
Even if you happen to get rejected, that should only make you strive higher and understand what you did wrong, so you can re-apply next time.
I wish you all luck on your journey and never be afraid to ask me or other officials about this process if you have any confusion.
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