EN's Official Discord Servers


Credits to Daichi and Prisms for helping me out on this thread.
Hey everyone, here's a list of the EN's Discord Servers you can join!

Force Social
A server where users from EN can talk and interact with fellow players.
MiceForce announcements are also announced here and includes a games and radio channel. It's EN's Main Discord Server.

Mind Café
A server that provides others with a place of support and comfort without the worries of being judged or treated harshly. Volunteers support others and dedicate time with them, and other channels provide multiple outlets to reach out or socialize with. It's essentially a café to get away from life.

This server is a casual chatroom which is not affiliated with any other organizations, meaning not everyone in this server is from MiceForce!
This server provides multiple discussions like games, music, psychology, roleplaying, etc. that everyone is welcome to join into.

Training Grounds
Are you interested becoming an EN Helper? Look no further to Training Grounds. More information can be found here

If you have any questions or issues with joining these servers, feel free to ask any of the staff or comment below.​
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I'd join if I didn't lag already from the amount of servers I'm in):
Though, I shall spread word if anyone is looking for something like this!