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  • Contact form tips and help

    If you already know what the contact form is and need to use it, use the tabs to get to the category you need.

    General questions and answers:

    Q. What is the contact form?
    A. The contact form is how you officially reach the admins of the EN community. Moderators do not read or deal with contact forms, only admins do.

    Q. When do I use the contact form?
    A. You only need to use the contact form when you have a problem that the available staff cannot help you with. For more information on this, please read the Staff FAQ. Moderators may also redirect you to the contact form.

    Q. Do you have any general tips for filling out the form?
    A. Yes, that's what this thread is for. Keep reading.

    • Explain your situation in as much detail as possible and use the information in the tabs on this thread. It takes time to get a reply: you can speed things up by making sure you only have to send one message.
    • If you can, write only in English. EN admins can only handle EN players, if you write in broken English or in any other language, you will most likely not get a response.
    • Make sure to write clearly, preferably do not use text language or abbreviations unless it's necessary.

  • Category: Banned account

    When to use:
    • You believe to have been wrongly banned, but the moderator that banned you refuses to unban you.
    • You believe to have been wrongly banned and you are unable to reach the moderator that banned you.
    • A moderator told you to use the contact form with this category.

    Provide as much as possible of the following information:
    • Your ban details: When did you get banned, how long were you banned for, what reason was given for your ban?
    • Who banned you? If you don't know, contact a moderator (see Staff FAQ).
    • Have you been able to reach the moderator that banned you? If yes, what did they tell you?
    • Have you talked to any other staff members? What did they tell you?
    • What were you doing when you got banned? What room were you in, of which language server, who else was there?
    • Why do you think your ban is unjust? If you think it's unjust, why do you think you were banned?
    • Any other information you think is relevant to your case.

  • Category: Account recovery

    IMPORTANT: If you have a valid email address linked to your account, you can change your password yourself on the Miceforce forum. This is infinitely faster than using the contact form!
    IMPORTANT: To get your password changed, you must prove that you're the legitimate owner of the account. If you are unable to sufficiently prove it, we will check ourselves.​

    When to use:
    • You lost your password and cannot change it yourself.
    • If there is an email address linked to your account, but you cannot use it.

    To identify you as the account's owner, provide as much as possible of the following info:
    • Your Miceforce account name.
    • What language server do you usually play on?
    • What email address is currently linked to your account?
    • In which city/country did you create your account?
    • Your current IP address (Use http://www.whatismyip.com/ if you're unsure).
    • Your sanction list: this is a list of all the mutes and bans you received. Moderators are not allowed to help you with this, you should be able to remember when you got banned or muted.
    • A list of who has access to your account (siblings, friends etc.).
    Based on the situation, you may be asked for additional information.

    Don't forget to write down what you would like your new password to be!

  • Category: Feedback
    When to use:
    • To give constructive feedback about the EN community or the entirety of the Miceforce gaming atmosphere.
    Miceforce appreciates any feedback you may have. It's encouraged to word your feedback in a constructive manner. We will try to address your feedback accordingly.

  • Category: Other

    When to use:
    • The matter you want to contact the EN admins about does not fit any of the previous categories.
    Please describe in as much detail as possible how we can help you.

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