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Media Gallery Update 2.0.3 Released

Today, we have released Media Gallery 2.0.3, a maintenance release for our gallery add-on. This release primarily targets bug fixes and other small improvements.

Some of the changes include:
  • Fix an erroneous privacy check affecting guest users.
  • Extend the media list limit option to the category view to help load times in particularly large categories.
  • Fix a logic error which prevented creation of new personal albums even if the user had permission.
  • Improve clarity of watermarking process when it comes to checking permissions.
  • Remove a redundant global permission check when starting a file upload.
  • Fix a potential undefined index error when updating legacy media report content info.
  • Fix an error which can occur when watermarking if the data file is missing.
  • Ensure that user quotas are calculated and displayed correctly.
  • Prevent an error when changing to "shared" album privacy without entering any usernames.
  • Fix an issue which prevented YouTube embeds from retrieving the thumbnail if it is configured to start playing at a specific time.
  • Do not attempt to create thumbnails using FFmpeg if it isn't available/configured.
  • Ensure quotes are stripped from comment search result snippets.
  • While browsing various media gallery pages, provide some contextual search constraints.


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Hello everyone after several years miceforce has working level system.
It's private game and it should be more easier but we think our shamans needs a goal rather then just earning titles.

How to earn experience ?
In normal mode 20 experience for each mouse you saved.
In hard mode 40 experience for each mouse you saved.
In divine mode 60 experience for each mouse you saved.
Getting cheese and bringing it back to the mouse hole earns you 40 experience.

Experience Table
110 : 452
150 : 44132
200 : 333132
250 : 377232
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