Describe your friend/sm


A - a very lovable soulmate~
Never Q - Questions me if i have problems (i dont know why people ask me that in the first place but ok-)
U - u (aqua) are the most amazing person i have ever met
A - A person who actually gets me (some others do but unno)
T - The person who always lights my day up
I - I think your very adorable (especially in the hot croc outift)
X - EXtraordinary person (it took me five minutes to find a word with x so i just put it in with extraordinay welp)
Well, I'm going to describe a couple of my friends.
Z A S T E L <3

T I N H E A D <3

P O E T R Y <3
-Dumb (sometimes, well I'm dumb too so-)

Q U E S T I O N Z <3

S E N A P H U <3

Uh, sorry if I forgot anyone!
I forgot Toda, you're kind, sweet, funny, and overall just really fun to hang out with
S - Snowy you are my bestfriend
n - Never leave my side
o - Opposite of me
y - You're the best
a - Absolutely amazing
u - U are a sweet friend
g - Good at finding profile pictures <3
i - Ilysm
e - Excellent at anything

I - Inspirational
n - Not noob
s - So sweet
p - Perfect the way you are
1 - 1 perfect friend
r - Really good at being funny
a - a good grandpa / true friend
t - true amazing friend
i - I can't even
o - Opposite of me
n - Not bad at survivor your really good at it

F - fabulous
a - a good friend
b - being a kind friend
s - super pro

K - Kind friend
y - You are a good drawer
i - I think your a good friend
s - Super pro
u - U and @Beliieve are amazing soulmates

K - kind
i - I can't even your drawings are amazing
n - Never quit
t - too good at drawing mice
a - amazing friend

hM these are just some
I- Intelligent
C- caring
Y- yourself
S- special
P- Pure
I- independent
R- reliable
A- awesome
L- loyal
S- sincere
@Icyspirals thank you for being one of my best friends, I really appreciated your help yesterday even though you didn't have to, it means a lot, thank you.

L- Loyal
O- outstanding
R- reliable
D- determined
M- mature
A- awesome
N- nice
G- Good-hearted
O- optimistic
@Lordmango Thank you for being one of my best friend also, you have done so much for me, you have helped everyone but no one notices, I hope that changes, you deserve to be recognized for all you have done and all the help you have given, thank you for yesterday, that also meant a lot, more than you guys will ever know. Thank you for putting up with me.

S- special
W- warm-hearted
I- intelligent
I- important
T- true to heart
C- cool
H- happy
@Swiitch Ah swiitch, one of my oldest friends, and along with the other two, one of my best friends, Thank you for being there for me when I needed someone, I don't know what would have happened if we never met, I enjoy talking with you, I enjoy being your friend, it is an honor to be friends with you, Thank you.

@Swiitch @Icyspirals @Lordmango
Thank you for always being there for me when i needed you guys. Even though I might not ask for it, you guys are always there for me and it means a lot. You guys mean so much to me I can't even describe it. I may not show i from time to time but I am forever grateful to all of you, Thank you for putting up with me and any problems I had/have. Thank you for being one of my best friends.