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  1. Harutoo

    Mouse bug

    Could you explain the problem in more detail? She can't see herself in-game, or you can't see her in-game?
  2. Harutoo

    What type of room would you play in with the person above you?

    Thread moved to Forum Games.
  3. Harutoo

    Guilty pleasures

    blasting britney spears in class and not regretting it
  4. Harutoo

    Favorite MiceForce Usernames

  5. Harutoo

    Customize Your Mouse Color!

    Please post your smaller suggestions here. Thread closed.
  6. Harutoo

    Official Rotation - P17 - Racing

    Kiwelys - @470145: Denied. Newdethknell - @469727: Will be discussed. R0n - @469382: Denied. Martinescool - @459978: Denied. Kvuash - @491883: Denied. Newdethknell - @470179: Will be discussed. Kiwelys - @470137: Denied. Martinescool - @460448: Denied. Lishayy - @467363: Denied. Probeast -...
  7. Harutoo

    reverse card

    reverse card
  8. Harutoo

    Tribe House Codes Needed.

    Thread moved to the Map Editor subforum.
  9. Harutoo

    [Tips and Tricks] Scrolling Maps

    Already an existant thread here. Thread locked.
  10. Harutoo

    Mess up the username above you

  11. Harutoo

    How famous is the person above you?

  12. Harutoo

    Would you Use the Avatar Above?

  13. Harutoo

    ur lame

    ur lame
  14. Harutoo

    thank u

    thank u
  15. Harutoo

    Not a Bug Cafe?

    Question answered! Thread locked.
  16. Harutoo

    One Word Story

  17. Harutoo

    Miceforce is assuming genders. >:O

    Please post here your smaller suggestions. Thread closed.
  18. Harutoo

    no u

    no u