Sentinel Q&A

  • Sentinel Question and Answers!
    Have any questions? Take a look at these to see if they can help!

    Where do I put my thread?
    Discussions - Miceforce related
    Off-topic - Anything that doesn't fit the other threads
    Fanart - Requests and
    Tribes - Tribe threads
    Modules - Codes, LUA, etc.
    Forum Games - A thread that involves other people to play.
    Suggestions - Ideas to add to the game

    How can I become a Sentinel?
    As of right now, sentinel applications are closed. If you want to updates on when the are open, click here.

    How can I contact you?
    On Miceforce(In-game):
    Whisper me by
    ./profile Naki

    On Miceforce (offline or forums):
    Start a Conversation,
    Click here.

    uno #5537

    Privately PM me
    If this didn't help contact me, I am willing to help.
May 18
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uno #5537




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