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  • You know, sometimes you scare me.

    You know, I've been wondering that for awhile now.

    Nah dude, I don't care.


  • ♡ Avengers ♡

    Just one of my good friends I met on the forums who I truly love with all my heart and trust! She's a kind and loving friend I will always trust! Just want to let you know I'll always trust you and love you and I'm so glad to call you a faithful best friend! You'll be in my hear forever Avengers! I love you!

    ♡ Nyilom ♡

    Nyilom, a great friend of mine I love to make laugh and see happy-spirited! I call her Ny sometimes and I love chatting with her. We're really good friends and met on the forums! We love each other and hope that never will change!

    ♡ Nxvax ♡

    A good friend that's faithful and respectful! You're diligent and funny and ever day I can't wait to talk to you! You're a lovely person to be around! We'll always be connected and best friends! Love you!

  • Avengers you make my heart smile,
    To be with you is worth the while,
    I love you with all my heart,
    And you came to me like an speeding dart,
    You are very smart,
    For this is the on thing I wanted to tell, or impart.

  • -Likes-
    Star Wars
    friendly people
    chatting on discord
    breakfast burritos
    Hat Man
    Black Panther

  • Sorry, hang in there I'm busy. Meanwhile, pet the dogs!

February 13
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She/her | Aka Blushy | Single
"Ever single day, every breath I take, I need you."
"Boy, it's not your car it's your heart that makes me feel like a queen."
"All the money in the world couldn't buy what I love about you!"


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